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One of the easiest methods of getting rid of wrinkles without surgery is Botox Clostridum Botulinum bacterium purified protein. This protein has long been used in the treatment of eye and neurological diseases. In order to remove wrinkles, it has been safely and successfully used in cosmetics for 10 years. Due to the continuous operation of the muscles under the skin, wrinkles occur on the skin surface. The most important determinants of wrinkle level are sun, age, gender, skin and muscle structure and the frequency of using mimic. Technically, the Botox solution is injected into the small muscles under the skin at the wrinkle site. The mechanism of action of Botox is to temporarily prevent the contraction of the muscles causing wrinkles. Botox immobilizes and freezes the muscle into which it is injected. Non-contracted muscles also cause wrinkles to open. When the process is repeated for a long time, these wrinkles are prevented from creating permanent deep marks on the skin. For the treatment of wrinkles, the forehead, the edges of the eyebrows and the eyebrows are the areas where Botox is used with the best results. It can also be applied on the nose, upper lip and neck lines. When Botox is left to use, it is never worse than before. Applications require experience and expertise. Once the desired results have been determined, Botox is injected into the planned site of application by dilution with a fine tip syringe. No anesthesia is required, but very sensitive patients may be given a local effective cream prior to the procedure. 10- 15 minutes after the process immediately after the daily life immediately return. The result is 48 hours after the application and maximum 7 days.

Impact Time

This time is more concerned with the number of times the drug has been given and how much it has been diluted. If Botox is applied for the first time, an effect lasting for 4 to 4 months is expected. If it has been applied before, the effect continues for about 6 months. As the number of applications increases, this period may be up to 12 months. Botox injection is not possible; pregnancy, milking, infection on the skin, neurological diseases such as myasthenia gravis, patients with rheumatoid arthritis using penicilamine, cyclosporine and chloroquine.

How Botox Affects Perspiration

Botox is also used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis called excessive sweats. These are often palms and armpits. This situation may cause discomfort to both women and men, which may affect social life. Botox provides an excellent treatment of sweating problem.

Botox prevents sweating by blocking nerve stimulation to sweat glands. In the solution of this problem, regions with excessive sweating are identified and small doses of Botox injection are applied to the skin with fine needles. The processing time varies between 15 - 45 minutes according to the applied area. The effect begins within 1 week of treatment and usually lasts longer than 9 months.

Side effects

When applied by expert persons, the risks of the transaction are negligible.
Headache and flu-like complaints have been reported temporarily.
There may be temporary mild redness or bruising in the area of ​​application.

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