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Lip Thickening

Lip Thickening


A set of facial wrinkles and unwanted lines occur with mimic movements. Several fillers have been used in recent years to get rid of these lines. Lines descending from the edge of the nose, lines between the nose and mouth, Lip plump, Radial lines around the lips, Wrinkles around the eyes, Lines in the acne, Acne scars, Deformities caused by accident or trauma, Fillers are used to fill the cheek and cheekbone.

Lip Plumping

Full lips are known as the symbol of beauty and aesthetics. Some people may have thinner lips due to a structural subtlety and sometimes a progression of age. This problem can be corrected by surgery and non-surgical methods. In the surgical methods, the lip taken from another area is injected into the lip and the part of the skin taken is inserted into the lip. However, these methods did not require patients to refer us to fillers which are much easier to apply. In particular, lip contours can be made with injections made into the red and white lines of the lip. Again, the aesthetic appearance of the lip is improved by injections into the lip mucosa. An app takes 15-20 minutes on average. If there is a pain that does not disturb the person, if desired, the drug can be applied 30-60 minutes before the application, in some applications can be done local anesthesia. The application can be a very mild swelling because it is done by an injection method, especially the swelling of the lip injections will be a little more. The application can be done at any time, between lunch, and then you can return to your work easily. Although preparations with hyaluronic acid may be used frequently, they can be used in hydroxyapatite-containing fillers. The fact that the lip region is a moving region makes this area a little more disadvantaged. Therefore, many firms have developed special forms such as lip and kiss by increasing their stabilization. According to the properties of the substance used in the preparations containing hyaluronic acid 6-12 months, 2 years in applications containing Poly L Lactic acid, Hydroxy apatite containing 3-5 years in preparations, permanent fillings continue for life.

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