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Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

A secondary sex determinant is an indispensable accessory for women, such as the complement of a stylish outfit. Breast enlargement surgeries are often performed using silicone prostheses.

Nowadays, silicone or liquid filled silicone is available. Other types of silicones are not preferred. The silicone type gel silicones we use most frequently. Inside the silicone prostheses surrounded by a thick membrane, the gel is filled with silicone. These prostheses, which have no harmful effects on the body, are fully adapted to the body. It is not possible for the prostheses to explode by touching and bursting. Because it is frequently placed under the breast tissue or under the breast muscle, there is no problem in breastfeeding pregnancy. Silicone does not harm milk or baby. It has been scientifically proven that it does not cause breast cancer.

Since patients placed in silicone are more sensitive to their breasts, it is more likely to consult a physician in any situation. Therefore, the chance of early diagnosis and treatment increases in an undesirable situation. Since the consistency of silicone prostheses is close to normal breast tissue, it is not possible to feel under the breast by touching. Silicone prostheses can be placed under the armpit, nipple and nipple. There is no trace in all 3 methods. The size of the prosthesis to be placed is determined by the patient according to the bra size that the patient wants to use. After the operation, some pain can be caused by the movement of the arms from the shoulder. For this reason, moving the arms from the shoulder for 2-3 weeks and heavy exercise is not recommended. The problems that may occur after silicone are the same as other operations. Very rarely, the silicon is surrounded by a thin membrane formed by the body and may cause deformity. Such situations can be easily corrected in small interventions. Such complications are very rare in silicone prostheses produced by modern techniques.

With the beautiful results obtained after the surgery, the self-confidence of the patients increases and this leads to happiness in the social life and in the family.

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