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Center: Nuh Naci Yazgan Caddesi No:21 Melikgazi / Kayseri

Skin Care

Skin Care


Choosing the right product for skin care is very important. Before starting care, it is necessary to make a comprehensive skin analysis and decide which product group should be used. Thus, considering the oil, moisture and elasticity ratio, it can be decided that the skin is oily, dry, normal mature or sensitive. Skin age may not always be directly proportional to your age. A healthy skin care lasts about two hours, during which time milk and tonic cleansing, exfoliating, ozonated steam, serum and ampoule absorption, facial massage, mask, high frequency and creaming are applied. With these applications, the skin is cleaned, clogged pores are opened, blood circulation is accelerated, the skin is free of dead cells and black spots. A freshly vivid appearance occurs through moisture replenishing and cell regeneration. When applying skin care, the right product should be used according to age and skin. Therefore, acne, acne, stain and wrinkle care without applying surgical intervention and without chemical peeling, without injecting any substance under the skin can be obtained extremely successful results.

Recommendations for a well-groomed skin

No smoking
Avoiding sun exposure
Avoiding poor quality make-up products
Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
Make-up cleaning before going to bed
Peeling once a week
Making a mask in 15 days
Skin moisturizing every day
Acne and comedones are not unconsciously squeezed
It is very important not to be exposed to dry, dirty dust for a long time
Young skin, the skin layers of oxygen and nutrients are sufficient to have a fresh and lively appearance, there is no problem without food. In mature skin, blood circulation is not enough. As the microvascular and circulatory system in the skin layers is damaged, they cannot provide the oxygen and nutrients needed by the skin. As a result, the cell division of the skin is significantly reduced, the skin becomes thin, dry, wrinkles and age spots occur. Mature skin loses its form due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. Wrinkles and spots occur. Oxygen is the source of life for this skin fallen tired. If oxygen decreases, metabolism slows down. The skin loses its firmness. Tired appearance occurs, wrinkles and signs of premature aging occur. In oxyangienterapy method, special formula cosmetic products and pure oxygen are injected into the lower layer of the epidermis and the active substances are stored on the skin by means of pressurized oxygen device. These effects are immediately visible and persistent for a long time. Thanks to the pressure oxygen application, tired cells, skin vitality, softness and freshness occurs. The microdermabrasion method is applied before the procedure and the top layer of the epidermis is discarded and the immune system is strengthened by giving oxygen to the skin. It provides strong care and supportive treatment for acne, blotch and skin problems and wound healing.

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