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Eyebrow Removal

Eyebrow Removal

Eyebrow LIFT

In women, the eyebrows are more curved and the upper part of the eye forms the upper part of the bone, while in males, the eyebrow is less curved and almost the same as the bone structure. While the inner part of the eyebrow is at the same level as the vertical line drawn from the outermost side of the nose wing, the outer part of the eyebrow ends even from the outer edge of the eyebrow to the outermost part of the eye.

Specifically, it is necessary to determine whether the eyelid is low or not before correcting the changes due to aging and aging. When the normal eyelid is pulled and pulled between the fingers, it should be quickly restored. If the scalp is slowly recovering, or if it does not return to its original state, it is clear that there is loosening of the skin of the valve.

Eyebrow removal can be done by endoscopic method or classical method. The endoscope is a fiberoptic cable with a mini-video on the TV monitor. Eyebrow lifting or forehead stretching is performed with endoscope. Less incision is made than in the classical method.

In the classical method, incisions are made in the scalp. Postoperatively, it is usually painless, but the feeling of discomfort is heard.

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