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Ear Aesthetics

Ear Aesthetics

bucket ear

Ear buds can cause serious psychological trauma in children and adults. In childhood, especially children in the primary school class 1 children ruthlessly criticize each other. Therefore, it is appropriate to treat such problems in preschool. In later years, young girls and young men make this problem again. Especially young girls cover their ears with their hair. It is almost impossible to tie their hair behind. In fact, the bucket ear creates trauma in every period of life. Patients are very happy after the operation.

Aesthetic scoop ear surgeries are performed with incisions made behind the ear. There's no trace of it here. The front face of the cartilaginous tissue is milled in order to curl the back of the auricle. In this way, the cartilage tissue is partially weakened and made easy to shape. The thinned cartilage tissue is fixed at the back of the ear cup with sutures. Especially colorless stitches should be used. Subsequently, some skin is removed if necessary to avoid creasing. The skin is then sutured and the operation is discontinued. If there is size in the bowl section of the ear hole, it is called concha hypertrophy, it should be shrunk. The ear canal results are better with the cones of normal size. Special dressing is done after surgery. With this dressing, the ear is shaped by molding. Dressing opens on day 2 or 3. Then the ear is left open. Applying the bandage of the tennis player will be appropriate during this time. Surgery is performed by general or local anesthesia. The operation period is maximum 1 hour. Swelling of the ears after surgery may be a bruise. They pass through completely in a week. This is the most widely used method of scoop ear surgery in the world. In this method, the probability of recurrence is extremely low. The possibility of problems in novice hands that are not performed properly may be extremely high. Ear gum aesthetics is almost the earliest aesthetic surgery. It can be done around 6 years. There is no upper age limit for surgery. When done with local anesthesia, the patient is sent to the house immediately after 5 hours if done with general anesthesia. After 2 days, the dressings are checked.


Question: How old is the surgery?
Answer: can be done from the age of 6

Question: How long should you rest?
Answer: We can work 1 day after surgery but we recommend resting for 2 days.

Question: Is it a painful operation?
Answer: If you do not have much pain, you should consult your doctor if you have severe pain after surgery.

Question: What is the rate of relapse?
Answer: Well done surgery is extremely low.

Question: Can it be operated 2 times?
Answer: Of course, surgery can be done for the second time.

Question: Does the ear ear surgery have any harm to the eardrum or hearing?
Answer: No ear plastic surgery does not harm the eardrum or hearing.

Question: Why are ear surgeries performed at 6 years old?
Answer: He completes 90% of ear development at the age of 6 years. There are 10-15% difference between adult and 6 years old child ear. In some of the operations, the intact ear model is taken. It is therefore desirable to complete most of the ear development.

Question: Other ear anomalies?
Congenital ear anomalies are seen in one ratio of 6,000 live births. It is more common in boys and on the right side. 90% of the patients were unilateral. This anomaly may be in the form of microtia (only the earlobe and a small part of the auricle), heavy shapes such as an anotia (no earloop) or lop ear, cup ear.

LOP EAR (narrow ear = the upper part of the earplate in the vertical direction narrow or short) occurs in many different ways. Sometimes there is a slight stenosis and sometimes there may be severe deformity. Although there is no definite information about the cause, there is insufficient blood circulation in the mother's womb and some drugs used by the mother during pregnancy. In these patients, incomplete cartilage completion surgery is performed. Surgery is performed at the age of 6 years.

MICROTIA: Ear aesthetics performed to correct this ear deformity should be started 1 year before the children start school. If the anomaly is bilateral, early initiation of the surgery is appropriate. The operations are 2 groups as single and 4 seance surgeries. In the first operation, the cartilage tissue taken from the rib is placed under the skin behind the ear by giving the shape of the ear skeleton. In the second operation, the earlobe is taken back to its normal position. In the third session, the skin to be formed in the ear and the previously buried cartilage are removed and the skin patch is applied to the back. After these basic operations, some small folding donors and ear cup deepening surgeries may also be required. In addition to this surgery, it can also be performed with prostheses known as artificial cartilage. In addition, one-seated surgery can be performed with the cartilage roof taken from the rib. These methods are based on the patient's condition and the surgeon's preference.

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