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Oil Injection

Oil Injection


Fat injection is the use of fat tissue taken from one area to fill another region. The main fields of application of fat injection are correcting the body contours, reducing the depth of the facial lines of age, plumping the lips, thickening and giving a fuller appearance to the weak faces.

The deficiency in the fat tissue that surrounds the body creates an undesirable appearance in that area. With fat injection, fat tissue is missing or weak in areas where fat tissue filling with a smoother appearance can be gained.

Oil injection is applied in the face area for the purpose of easing the most prominent facial lines due to aging. The stripes on the face emerge as they age. The aging process cannot be stopped in any way. The stripes and folds formed by the sagging of the tissues can only be corrected with facelift surgery, while the oil injection is only camouflaged. The oil injection procedure can be combined with facelift surgeries and can be combined. Combined procedures, except for the oil, the operation of the tissue is also possible to use the increased tissue injection can be made. The results obtained in the combined attempts are much more permanent.

The oil injection can also be applied to the whole face, under the lines at the nose, or just to give the lips a fuller appearance. People with weak faces may have a fuller look with cheek, mouth and jaw injections. In the same way, only the injections of the lips from the outside of the lips provide a plump lip. Injection of fat can also be applied to fill the thin parts of the legs. In addition to adipose tissue, ready-made preparations such as collagen and silicone, which are produced for filling to be used in the face area, are also available. Such ready-to-use preparations have become less and more useful in the late period due to their adverse consequences. The most reliable technique is the technique in which one's own tissues are used.

The fat tissue to be used for fat injection is obtained by liposuction. The amount to be taken depends on the amount of tissue to be injected. The intervention is planned under local or general anesthesia depending on the size of the procedure. The duration of recovery varies according to the nature of the attempt.

There is no painful pain after the operation, mild swelling and bruising may occur at the injection site, and edema and bruising disappear within 7-10 days. About 50-70% of the injected oils are absorbed by the body within the first 6 months after injection and the remaining amount of fat is permanent. When tissue transfer (dermophet graft) is performed, the absorption rate by the body is much less. However, applications with limited volume or size can be made with tissue transfer. The lower the tissue volume, the greater the likelihood of persistent melting.

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