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Popo Aesthetics

Popo Aesthetics

In a beautiful body; The chest must have a certain proportion between the waist and the butt. Therefore, patients often refer to plastic surgeons to achieve this proportion. General operations in the aesthetics of popo; butt enlargement, butt reduction, butt raising and stiffening can be classified as enlarging. The desired ideal butt is a steep backward dislocated pop in a patient with a thin waist. Popo aesthetics are very frequent especially in some clinics in Brazil and America. In our clinic, every kind of butt aesthetics has been done for many years. It is possible to achieve amazing results when combined with combined surgeries (tummy tuck breast liposuction).

Butt Enlargement Aesthetics
Butt Enlargement with Silicone

Silicone is used in breast enlargement surgery, just like breast augmentation surgery. These silicones are specially designed for butt. In the middle line of the drop shaped prostheses, the next side is narrowed to the wide sides. The operation is performed with general anesthesia and lasts for 2 hours. The average recovery time is 5-7 days. Patients should stay in hospital for one night. There is no trace after this operation. The stitches are made in such a way that they are not visible from the outside. Silicone can be used to suit the patient's body. Postoperatively, silicones never appear outdoors, a natural appearance occurs. Because silicones are placed under the deep tissue, it is not possible to understand the touch. It is appropriate to use the corset for some time after surgery. The silicones used do not need to change after a certain period of time. The flattened butt-appearing butt becomes more steep backward after surgery. Excessive skin elasticity and resilience in the lower bend of the butt are improved by this operation. It is possible to obtain the sassic girl's butt with the surgery. Patient satisfaction is very high after this surgery.

Butt Enlargement with Oil Injection

Breast enlargement of the belly and waist area by injecting the butt to the butt is one of the frequently used procedures. In this way, both the belly is removed and the waist is further thinner and shaped. The injections may need to be repeated several times in order to be permanent. The transaction is a daily transaction. You can go home in the morning and have dinner.

Butt Enlargement with Ready Fill

These fillings are as permanent and temporary fillers in 2 shapes. Temporary fillings average 6 months, permanent fillings average 4-5 years remain. This process is a daily transaction can go home immediately. The advantage of this method is that the patient uses both the filling for six months and gets an idea of ​​what shape he will take when his butt is growing. Afterwards, permanent silicone surgery can be performed.

Hip Lifting and Enlarging the Patient's Own Tissue

It is a suitable method for patients who do not want silicone and who have excessive sagging in the butt. This operation which gives very good results in patients who lose weight is included in the procedures we call Bariatric Surgery. This surgery is performed by general anesthesia. The operation time is 2 hours. Recovery is 8-10 days. 2 nights stay in the hospital. There is a scar on the upper part of the patient's underwear and swimsuit. Traces usually mature within 2 years and become less noticeable. With this operation, the butt is enlarged, and the downward buttock is pulled down where it should be. Because the patient's own tissue is used completely, no foreign substance is placed outside the body. During the same surgery, abdominal stretching surgery is also possible to obtain a fit body.

Popo Reduction Aesthetics
Liposuction is often sufficient for butt reduction operations. Apart from this, dietary exercise are also important auxiliary methods.

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