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Temporary Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide found in all living things. The dermis layer of the skin contains hyaluronic acid molecules. Hyaluronic acid is produced in injection form (Restylene, Hylaform v.s.) for the correction of wrinkles in the skin and has been used in millions of people around the world to date. Since it does not contain animal substance and toxin, there is no risk of disease transmission from other organisms and does not cause allergic reactions. The patient can be treated immediately because there is no need for testing.

Injections of hyaluronic acid are made to the dermis layer of the skin with a very fine needle. It is used especially for the correction of fine wrinkles and for lip filling. The fine lines on the lip are lines at the rim of the rim (nasolabial fold), the lines on the forehead, and the scars on the forehead are the most applied and most useful results.

Hyaluronic acid injections are short-term procedures in the office and the application is very easy for the patient. There is no significant swelling and redness after the procedure and the patient can immediately return to his daily activities. Hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed by the body over time. However, the average of the activity is extended to 6-12 months. Once the activity is reduced or lost, applications can be repeated.

Permanent Fillers

Calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) is a substance that has been applied in plastic surgery for many years and has proven to have no side effects. This material has been used in plastic surgery for two years in the form of a filler in the form of gel. Its durability is much longer than hyaluronic acid and lasts for 6-7 years. It provides very positive results especially when it is used to fill lip and fill deep lines. It can also be applied to increase the chin tip and cheek bone protrusion.

Calcium hydroxyapatite injections are easy, painless and short-lasting procedures for the patient. Immediately after the procedure, the person can continue his / her normal life.

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