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Center: Nuh Naci Yazgan Caddesi No:21 Melikgazi / Kayseri

Capillary therapy

Capillary therapy


 In capillary enlargement; There are some factors such as genetic factors, pregnancy, dry and thinner skin, some occupational groups that require frequent standing, and old age. Enlarged capillaries are most commonly seen in the limbs. The laser method allows the dilated vessels in the skin to easily decrease, become invisible and eliminate without the need for needle methods and surgical methods. It is decided whether the laser treatment is suitable for capillary dilatations. During laser treatment, a special laser energy is used, not a needle. There is no need to use local anesthesia or pain medication. The number of sessions depends on the extent and depth of the problem. Generally, one to six sessions can be performed, but the treatment can be performed in 4-6 week intervals and within 5-15 minutes. Redness, bruising, mild swelling, and very thin skin may rarely result in mild burns or loss of time after treatment. However, there is no permanent side effect. Since the large capillaries are completely eliminated in the treatment, these vessels do not occur again. However, it may be possible to expand new capillaries at later dates as well as in all skin segments in the same region. The possibility of capillaries development in laser-treated areas is lower than in untreated skin segments. Especially after the treatment of the enlarged leg veins, it will be useful to extend the legs for several hours, depending on the width of the treatment area. In addition, it is useful to protect and moisturize the treated area from the sun.

 Capillary dilatations are frequently seen especially on the face and limbs. When the capillaries form on the face, they form aesthetically unpleasant images like red face and red nose. sometimes they should only be treated as soon as possible after swelling, pain, tingling, numbness, fatigue, and often seen as a bad appearance.

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