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Eyelid aesthetic

Eyelid aesthetic


Aesthetic eyelid surgery is the operation of removing excess fat and fat mass forming the bags on the lower and upper eyelids. With this operation, bagging and flaps on the covers are removed, giving the person a younger and lively appearance.

In young people, blefaroplasty is usually used only to remove the fat tissue underneath the valve. The loss of skin tone in older people will require removal of excess skin. In some people, the drop of eyebrows and temple may adversely affect the outcome of eyelid surgery. In this case, your surgeon may recommend eyebrow lifting, temple stretching. Preoperative detection of eye problems that prevent or reduce vision and tear formation is important. These conditions must be treated by an eye specialist before the valve surgery. You should be informed about special complications related to blepharoplasty. Complications such as infection or accumulation of blood are extremely rare.


Eyelid surgeries are performed under local or general anesthesia. Surgery lasts about 1 hour.

Surgical intervention consists of removing a suitable piece of skin from the dangling tissue and removing the fat masses that make up the bags. The incisions in the upper eyelids are made from the fold fold so as to be unclear later. On the lower eyelid, the operation mark is made from the bottom of the eyelashes. The amount of skin to be removed is carefully marked with the patient in the sitting position, and after removing the excess skin marked by both eyelids, the excess of the oil bags in both eyelids is removed. The operation is terminated after the incisions are planted.

After the surgery, the eyes are closed with moist gauze and kept for 1-2 hours. This reduces the future swelling and bruises.


There may be some sensitivity and discomfort after surgery. If you experience mild pain, you can check with painkillers. In order to prevent swelling and bruising, it is helpful to keep the head elevated and apply cold compresses to the eye. You will be advised to use eye drops for several days after surgery. The secret stitch on the upper eyelid is taken on the 5th day. Seams on the lower eyelid fall off spontaneously. Because the skin of the eyelid is thin, it tends to swell and bruise rapidly after surgery. However, swelling and bruising will decrease in the first week. The color change can be switched off with light makeup. Short-term postoperative tear secretion may be increased and sensitivity to bright light may occur. He can continue his daily life by wearing sick sunglasses.

The sagging around the eye, the removal of excess fat and skin tissue give a younger and rested appearance. Blepharoplasty will reduce fine wrinkles on the eyelid and outside of the eye but will not completely destroy it. The surgical scars will soon become unnoticed.

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